Spa Therapies


Therapeutic Massage  |  This targeted massage addresses tight muscle groups for physical and mental stress reduction. Privai highly concentrated blend of lavender, rosemary and menthol essential oils reduces inflammation and promotes circulation. 25 minutes, $70; 50 minutes, $125; 80 minutes, $185 

Relaxation Massage  |  The ultimate defense to stress: a gentle pressure massage with the benefits of therapeutic botanicals and steamed towels. 50 minutes, $115; 80 minutes, $175 

Privai Anti-Aging Massage  |  This anti-aging treatment incorporates a silk polish exfoliation to smooth the skin and stimulate circulation. Complete with a full-body, custom pressure massage with Privai Oil, and an antioxidant-rich face treatment. 80 minutes, $195 

Hot Stone Massage  |  Heated basalt stones gently restore stagnant energy and relieve tight muscles throughout the body. Experience a cool stone face massage with Privai's antioxidant-rich oil to relax the mind and enliven the senses. 80 minutes, $185 

Massage For Two  |  Experience a Signature Massage for two in our couple's massage room. 50 minutes, $250; 80 minutes, $370 

Pregnant? Ask about our Prenatal massage options.




Privai Signature Facial  |  This anti-aging facial stimulates collagen synthesis with Privai's vitamin-rich aromatherapy serums honey and lavender masque restores elasticity to promote a youthful glow.  50 minutes, $125; 80 minutes, $185 

Brightening Beauty Facial  |  Lift, brighten and smooth your skin with peptide-infused serums to deliver maximum results. lncluding an illuminating masque to rejuvenate skin's vitality and restore a radiant glow. Complete with a luxurious silk polishing hand ritual. 80 minutes, $195 

Privai Balancing Facial  |  Rediscover your skin's true beauty with this botanically-infused hydrating facial. Includes cleansing exfoliation, masque and soothing serums enhanced by a relaxing face massage. 25 minutes, $70 50 minutes, $115; 80 minutes, $175 

Men's Facial  |  Replenish and revitalize. This treatment uses organic products specifically designed for men's skin to remove impurities and combat aging. Includes a two-step cleanse, exfoliation and targeted facial masque. Steamed towels and a relaxing neck and shoulder massage melt away tension. 50 minutes, $125; 80 minutes, $185




Privai Signature Body Treatment  |  This luxurious body treatment includes a detoxifying dry exfoliation, Privai shea butter body masque and custom pressure massage. A warm and cool stone aromatherapy face massage and aloe-rich face masque promote relaxation and restore hydration. 80 minutes, $205 

Eternal Beauty Ritual  |  Invigorate the mind and body with a silk polish exfoliation complemented by a green tea-infused face and body masque. Stress-relieving, full-body massage enhanced with balanced warm stones and age-defying antioxidants revitalize the skin, unveiling a youthful glow. 80 minutes, $180 

Detox & Renew  | This face and body treatment rejuvenates and purifies.  A detoxifying dry exfoliation, nutritive body masque and Phyto Clay face treatment brightens and tones the skin.  Includes a relaxing neck and shoulder massage. 50 minutes, $120 




Wellness Foot Ritual  |  Herbal foot soaks ease tension in the joints, soften the overworked skin of the soles, and warm the body from the ground up. Guided meditation through individual headsets allows for an immersive experience. Choose a Privai Essential Oil blend to complement your service. 50 minutes, $35; Enhance with an exfoliation and massage experience for an additional $75.

Wellness Soak  |  This treatment includes a full body exfoliation and salt water soak to support physical well-being by targeting your specific needs. Choose a Privai Essential Oil blend to complement your service. May be booked as a couple's treatment. 50 minutes, $110 

Guided Meditation Upgrade  |  Enhance any massage or facial with a guided meditation experience for deep relaxation. Choose between a Heart Centered Meditation or Power Animal Discovery. This upgrade extends the massage portion of your original service. 25 minutes, $60




Allow our Spa Concierge to recommend a personalized spa package, or choose from our curated combinations.

Fountain of Youth  |  Brightening Beauty Facial, 80 minutes; Privai Anti-Aging Massage, 80 minutes, $335

Signature Privai Experience  |  Privai Signature Facial, 50 minutes; Privai Signature Body Treatment, 80 minutes, $280

Balanced Beauty  |  Signature Manicure, 50 minutes; Signature Pedicure, 50 minutes; Privai Balancing Facial, 50 minutes; 150 minutes, $190

Quick Fix  |  Therapeutic Massage, 25 minutes; Privai Balancing Facial, 25 minutes, $120




The Signature  |  These luxurious nail treatments include healing exfoliation, hydrating massage and a nutritive mask enhanced with vitamin-rich oils. 50 minutes each, Manicure, $45; Pedicure, $65; Manicure & Pedicure, $100 

The Classic  | These classic nail treatments include nail grooming, a relaxing massage and expert polish application. 25 minutes each, Manicure $35; Pedicure, $45; Manicure & Pedicure, $75 

Polish Change  |  Perfect for a fresh new look in minutes. Includes polish removal and application. 15 minutes, $15 

Infinite Shine Polish Upgrade  $10

Gel Polish Manicure  |  Enhance your nails with fortifying polish that lasts two weeks! This dry manicure features gel polish application for a high shine, long-lasting finish. 50 minutes, $65; Gel Polish Removal, 20 minutes, $15 

Privai Princess Mani & Pedi  |  A spa experience for your little princess: includes a mini-manicure, pedicure, and aloe masque. Ages 3-10. 50 minutes, $55

*Waxing and select hair services available upon request. Please ask our Concierge to learn more. 




The Privai Upgrade  |  You deserve more.  Allow our therapists to focus extra time on problem areas specific to your personal needs with this customizable time upgrade.  25 minutes, $60

Create a customized experience with any of the following. Ask your service provider which enhancements are available for your service.

$20 Each   $30 Each
Heated Stones, Collagen Eye Masque, Collagen Lip Masque, Collagen Hand Masque, Sun Soothing Facial Treatment, Foot Exfoliation, Carpal Tunnel Relief, Body Exfoliation, Scalp Treatment   LED Light Therapy Corrective Peel, Collagen Face Masque